Ring Replacements

Follow the steps outlined below to pay for your replacement ring and complete the replacement form below if you were obligated with Camp 28 and need to replace your ring that is either lost or no longer fits.

If you belong to a different camp, please contact them here.

Step 1: Pay for the Replacement Ring

  • The cost for a replacement ring is $30 and is payable by either PayPal or Interact e-Transfer.
  • Payment is due before submitting the form.
  • The replacement request will not be looked at until payment is received.
PayPal:  paypal.me/camp28ironring
Interac e-Transfer: treasurer-camp28@corp.ironring.ca

Step 2: Submit the Ring Replacement Request Form

  • To ensure we can match payments received to replacement forms submitted, be sure that the email address used for payment is also used on the replacement form.

Ring Replacement Request Form